i-Reinvent-Me Coaching Lab

As a leader, as you strive to realize your potential, it is inevitable that you will find yourself in a holding pattern from time to time. The holding pattern is predictable and extremely comfortable at times, yet it makes you question over and over again whether you are on the right path, reaching for greatness or contributing enough. You can either choose to accept the holding pattern, in other words wait and see what happens. Or you can disrupt the holding pattern by doing something new, such as generating potential career option ideas or creating a vision to guide your next step.

i-Reinvent-Me Coaching Lab, is a cost effective 4-week program designed to disrupt your holding pattern. It combines the powerful community aspect of group coaching discussions to help you tailor your career vision and create your reinvention action plan. The Lab has been created for busy professionals who want to start their own personal reinvention, career or entrepreneurial transition, but desires a targeted and intentional process to make it happen. The Lab is for you whether you are embarking on a new role or venturing off your career path to try something different that is closer to what you really want to do. The Lab will start in January/February 2011.

The Lab is the perfect solution for you, if you:

  • Know what it takes to be successful in your current field, and want to be steered in the right direction or need a little more support to get going.
  • Feel like you are not living up to your full potential, and should be doing more.
  • Are at a crossroads, you have a lot of information but are not sure how to connect your information to your future career path/progression.
  • You need some help filtering your information so that you can make a decision and then move forward.
  • Feel drained rather than energized by the idea of reinventing yourself.
  • Are frustrated by the complexity. This should be easy – you have a degree or two but can’t figure out what your first step should be.
  • Prefer to collaborate and work with other people who are in the same boat as you and committed to the reinvention process, working together, sharing ideas and lessons learned; to make bolder moves.
  • Do not know how to start your reinvention process.
  • Have no idea what you want to do, but you know what you are currently doing is not what you want to do.
  • Need space and dedicated time to create and pursue a career you enjoy

What’s included?

  • Expert support and guidance from Michelle Awuku-Tatum, a certified career coach who has reinvented herself countless times in the corporate setting across different roles, industries and geographies,  and has also helped many clients to clarify their interests, values and career expectations to inform their next step. (Bio)
  • Four, 90 minutes virtual interactive group coaching discussions. To participate you will need a computer, internet access and a telephone.
  • One, 60 minute individual coaching conversation with Michelle to make your career vision actionable and strategize on how to bridge potential skill gaps, to ensure you are on track with your reinvention goals.
  • Resources and weekly action items to facilitate and implement your learning in between group and individual coaching sessions.
  • Recordings of all group coaching discussions in case you miss one or would like a refresher.
  • Written recap of individual coaching conversations.
  • Email support and Q&A via our private i-Reinvent-Me Lab online forum.
  • Connection with 7 other like-minded leaders who are committed to reinventing themselves, working together, sharing ideas and lessons learned.

How much does it cost?

  • The Lab starts in January/February 2011, at an introductory price of $450 for 4-weeks. All participants that register before January 7th, 2011 will receive a 45 minute DIPP coaching session with Michelle to address a stumbling block and/or review and process new information you have gathered to ensure you are on track with your reinvention goals. The DIPP coaching session will be valid for 6 months after completion of the Lab.

What will you accomplish by participating in the Lab?

As a member of i-Reinvent-Me Coaching Lab you will disrupt the holding pattern, by generating, nurturing and exploring new ideas, thoughts and behaviors; and defining your reinvention goals and actions, to kick start your reinvention process.

After your 4 week i-Reinvent-Me Coaching Lab experience, you will:

  • Fine-tune your reinvention mindset to manage your fears.
  • Translate your interests, motivations, values and ideas into a clear career and life vision.
  • Bridge the gap of where you are now and where you want to go, by figuring out what skills and resources you need.
  • Identify key relationships and define your personal reinvention action plan, to guide your next steps, maintain your momentum and prepare you for the inevitable highs and lows.
  • Be connected with and inspired by like-minded people, who are also making bold moves.
  • Articulate where you are going and know how to repackage your actual skills and expertise to facilitate your transition.
  • Have a greater sense of confidence and belief in your ability to pursue your ideal path.
  • See your progress, which will make you feel energized, motivated and committed to making your reinvention happen.

Registration is limited to 8 participants and is on a first come, first serve basis. For additional information or to register please email Michelle to schedule a brief interview to ensure this is the best solution for you.

Are you ready to:

  • Create a clear career vision to guide your next step towards career/lifestyle that makes you happy?
  • Explore career options that match your interests, values and motivations?
  • Balance your thinking with doing, by testing your career options?
  • Articulate what you want to do next?
  • Take action and make critical decisions to move forward?
  • Establish key connections and relationships to support your reinvention.
  • Make progress and keep you on track with your career reinvention goal?

Still have questions?

Email Michelle with your questions.