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Career Reinvention Coaching

Career Reinvention Coaching is perfect for you, if you would like to start a new career or create your next position, but do not know where to start.

You will learn how to:

  • Redefine your priorities, motivations and career objectives
  • Engage in activities/experiences to gather information and clarify your interests
  • Identify and manage potential impediments
  • Leverage resources and tactics to create your reinvention plan
  • Revamp your story and resume
  • Execute your reinvention plan

Career Transition Coaching

The “Leaders in Transition, Stepping Up, Not Off” report revealed that at all leadership levels, making a leadership transition is among life’s most difficult personal challenges. Navigating politics and dealing with ambiguity ranked as the two most difficult transitional adjustments. All too often, leaders are asked to assume a new role or level without the appropriate training and development activities. As such, they arrive unprepared and struggle to learn along the way, leading to high frustration and lost productivity. Career Transition Coaching is ideal for you if you are in the first 90 days of a career transition. You will learn how to:

  • Gather information to assess organizational dynamics, resources and management expectations
  • Create a plan to guide you through the transition
  • Quickly position yourself to deliver results within 30, 60 & 90 days
  • Enhance your transition success by implementing new behaviors
  • Identify and manage common transition derailers
  • Operate confidently in the face of uncertainty

Job Search Coaching

According to Lee Hecht Harrison, “People who use a career coach find jobs 15% to 46% faster than those who don’t.” Consider Job Search Coaching if you want to implement successful strategies to find a new job or role.

You will to learn how to:

  • Assess your skills, abilities, needs and purpose, so that you can establish or redefine your career objective
  • Execute a targeted job search action plan that results in more interviews and callbacks
  • Articulate your value by sharing concrete accomplishments and results during interviews
  • Position and market yourself effectively with a revamped resume
  • Prioritize your actions to move beyond a passive job search to one that successfully engages and expands your network
  • Earn an income and build new skills while you search for your next position
  • Secure a new position that will continue to challenge you
  • Negotiate job offers

If you are interested in à la carte coaching services, please click one of the following services: resume revamp or interview coaching.

Flexible coaching options, enable you to choose an option that fits your lifestyle and schedule.