What My Clients Say

Here is what a few of my clients have to say about their myfactor coaching experience:

I turned to Michelle when my job search had hit a wall. I was without focus, without hope, and without a paycheck. Michelle provided the motivation and coaching I needed to kickstart my job search into high gear. She set up a customized plan for me that took 4 sessions. The purpose of each session was to further understand my passions, motivations, and skills to get to "the one" that I was looking for. At the end of our sessions, I ended up with a "Interests Map" to guide my career vision. I felt Michelle did a great job at taking a whole blob of nebulous, undefined information and funneling it into a concrete document that I could use as I go forth with my job search. Michelle is a great coach and friend, and I highly recommend her as a career coach.

Retail Product Management and Merchandising Professional
“Thanks for the concrete and focused advice at last night’s Harvard Business School Club of New York panel. I did take away some specific steps to take now. The panel was very helpful in giving me the momentum to launch myself into the search which I have to face, when my position disappears.”
Career Panel Participant
“This weekend has been eye-opening, revealing and extremely practical. It has made me think of issues that will help me improve on my interpersonal skills, leadership and mentoring skills. I am really happy of having been part of this weekend and I will highly encourage everyone to do it. The frameworks you provided were very valuable. The feedback exercises were great too! I really enjoyed working with you. I believe you are a great professional and I am aware of how lucky we have been to have you with us this weekend. I am glad to know who I can refer to in the future, when the time comes?”
Leadership Development Retreat Participant
“Insightful – [My experience this weekend] helped me understand the need to integrate a lot of these practice into my routine in order to get the full benefit. It has also been a great way to really bond with other participants on a deeper level. The combination of encouraging and challenging; as well as the specific individual and peer/group discussions were valuable for me. Thank you so much!”
Leadership Development Retreat Participant
“[My experience was] reflective.This has been a fantastic opportunity to get to know our team better and learn more about myself. I came hoping for feedback on my interpersonal presentation, and I have gained a much better appreciation for specific actions I can take. It has been amazingly helpful to hear personal stories to help us connect with you. It helped us and it’s a great example of empowerment. We had fun! Thank you so much!”
Leadership Development Retreat Participant
“[My experience was] valuable and relevant. It brought the whole group closer. We covered an exceptional amount of information and I will be processing things for a long time. I wish we had longer together! I feel a lot of what we did was personalized. I was impressed with how well you seemed to know each of us individually. You were able to measure certain attributes of our group and adjust your coaching style to be most effective.”
Leadership Development Retreat Participant
“This weekend challenged me to refine my leadership values and modify behaviors in a way that is concrete and actionable. In addition my experience encouraged me to interact with other group members in new ways that strengthened our bonds. I appreciate your willingness to get to know each of us, and look for solutions that would fit us best. In addition, your openness helped me trust that the information you share is genuine. This was a great weekend, and I encourage you to do more in the future.”
Leadership Development Retreat Participant
[My coaching relationship with Michelle], was a great learning experience. Michelle’s method is unconventional, but the final results are worth the effort. My goal was to get a more impactful resume. My [new] resume is more results focused. I can now better articulate my strengths and experiences and have a better appreciation for my personal brand. [Michelle’s] method forced me to think about marketing my personal brand. Thanks again for all your help. This was an invaluable experience!
Financial Services, Project Manager
My coaching experience with Michelle was insightful and impactful. The coaching relationship focused on identifying ways to make myself more professionally visible in my current industry, while also brainstorming other markets where I may utilize my skills. I learned new techniques on how to utilize the Internet to my advantage, while also understanding and believing that I don't have to compromise my core values for the sake of a paycheck. Michelle's ability to ask introspective questions in a sensitive manner (and without being "pushy") allowed me to see myself in a new light, and gave me an energy boost. I'm at the beginning of my new journey, and in many ways I'm still learning where I want to go. But with patience, persistence, and new ways of thinking based on my sessions with Michelle, I will get there.
Engineer, in the process of reinventing himself
The purpose of my coaching sessions was to create and conduct an effective job search. Additionally, I wanted to have more confidence during the job interview process. There were several things I got out the coaching sessions. The most important was that I was much more than what appeared on my initial resume. I had transferable skills, which allowed me to broaden my horizons as to where my abilities could take me. The most significant impact that the coaching relationship had was that I never felt that I was alone during my job search and that I always had tools and notes that I could always refer to when needed. I was recently hired as a producer, I believe I got the job because my resume spoke to my experience and accomplishments and I had the confidence to effectively discuss what I could offer to the company. As a result, my new job offers increased responsibility and a 50% increase in compensation! I feel that Michelle's upbeat demeanor, energy and personal attention have been extremely valuable to me. There's a genuine sense that she wants the best for you.
Post-Production Specialist, Global Media Company
My experience working with Michelle has been amazing! I have been working with Michelle for a little close to one month, my attitude and behavior towards the work environment has shifted towards becoming successful in terms of efficiency and team building. My colleagues have noticed and commented positively on my organization and focus. Thank you so much, Michelle!
Global Branding Executive, International Start Up
My coaching experience with Michelle was essentially a journey to rediscovering my inner confidence, which I failed to project after a difficult experience at my current job. The goal of our coaching session was to help me secure a new job in a limited time frame and in a very shaky financial market. What I appreciated most about our coaching sessions was the different perspective that Michelle offered which allowed me to think differently about obstacles that I thought were insurmountable at the time, and to pro-actively take steps to work towards my goal. In addition, through Michelle, I learned the importance of the old adage, "Its not what you say, its how you say it," which I believe is an extremely valuable skill for any interviewee regardless of profession. Overall, I found my sessions with Michelle to be very practical and goal oriented which I believe made me more focused on working towards my goal even after our initial coaching time frame ended. I secured two job offers, of which I accepted the one that offered a 40% increase in my earnings and offered a more nurturing work place environment albeit in a challenging industry. I believe I got both job offers because I was able to communicate that I had the aptitude to learn and apply my current skills in those roles, which may seem basic, but actually took me time to become comfortable expressing that in a convincing way. I doubt I would have perfected that skill without Michelle's help along the way.
Associate, Financial Services
Michelle began working with me primarily to help get me out of a professional rut, which left me content with the stalled nature of my career. I had uncertainties about my professional worth, could not effectively market my skills and did not take full advantage of the professional relationships I had developed or the opportunities I had been afforded over the past few years. Michelle’s coaching brought to light some of these shortfalls and taught me how to rise above them to reach my full potential. By providing exercises designed to build confidence and to identify my unique transferable skills and by holding me accountable to do the work necessary, Michelle has helped me to move closer to my goal of taking control of my career and driving it forward. I especially found the CARS method of defining my accomplishments coupled with Michelle’s objective guidance most helpful. Michelle has a knack for seeing through the excuses and smokescreens to uncover the truth which at times felt liberating. My work with Michelle will continue but I am now more excited about my possibilities and what the future holds with me at the helm of my career.
Senior Vice President, Financial Services
I don't think I can fully express my appreciation for your help. But please accept this note as a hint of my deep gratitude. I owe my acceptance to Columbia University and Johns Hopkins University to you. Without your insightful advice and input, my application packages would not have come to the impressive quality in which I submitted them. Your compelling questions helped me to lay out my story clearly. Your attention to detail and outstanding personal branding insight guided me throughout the application process. I think the results speak for themselves!
Finance Manager, Investment Banking
Michelle was great at listening and offering suggestions on ways to develop new, more positive habits that would help me to achieve my goals. At the end of each session I always felt more focused and inspired to take action. My goal was to gain greater confidence in the work place and to discover other possible career tracks that would be a good fit for my personality and talent. It was great to talk with someone experienced in the corporate world yet objective. Knowing I had Michelle’s support allowed me to see the big picture at work as opposed to crumbling at the stress of a tough day. Michelle is an excellent motivator and possesses an amazing knack for guiding people and helping them find direction. I am a happy customer!
Editor, Leading US publication