Tweets & Snippets: O Magazine’s Live Your Best Life Weekend

Tweets & Snippets: O Magazine’s Live Your Best Life Weekend

Here is a round up of my tweets and  snippets from the Live Your Best Life Weekend in celebration of the tenth anniversary of O Magazine.
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray & Love and Committed, shared:
Create Your Own Path: “Our lives are journeys that no one can take for us. Gather clues to figure out your own path.”
Find Role Models: “Look to how others are solving problems similar to yours.”
Do Yourself No Harm on Your Aspirational Path: “My head is a neighborhood you would not want to walk in by yourself. Be kind to yourself.” Your life begins when you drop the knife you hold to your own neck. Put [...]

Doing What they Love: 3 Entrepreneurs Share How

Doing What they Love: 3 Entrepreneurs Share How

A few years ago, a colleague from my days at Citi, Raj Gilda talked about making a difference and did just that. With his wife, Sunanda Mane and the support of a few friends, Raj started Lend-a-Hand India (LAHI), a non profit on top of his full-time job at Citi. While I have kept up to date with LAHI’s events via facebook, I had yet to attend an event until this past Friday. An Evening with Grass-root Entrepreneurs was a fun and informative evening, graciously hosted by A.T. Kearney.
The panelists included:

Tawny Ong who transitioned from the world of finance to cupcakes.
Quentin English who in addition to his day-job, created Quentin’s [...]

A Season of Firsts Continues

I realize that I have been quiet recently on the blog front but there is a lot going on behind the scenes at myfactor! Last quarter marked a series of firsts for me. I ran a weekend leadership development workshop for a cool group of second year Darden MBA students. It was a lot of fun but don’t take my word for it, you can read some of their comments at: What My Clients Say.
If you are on my mailing list you should have received the first edition of Optimize yourFactor newsletter. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words.  If you missed it or are not on my [...]

Lessons Learned: Dr Tachi Yamada on Managing Yourself and Others

“How do you turn a battleship? You turn a battleship by making a directional commitment and staying the course, not wavering from it“- Dr. Tachi Yamada
In a recent interview on NYT’s Corner Office series, Dr. Tachi Yamada’s advice, which apply whether you are a manager, individual contributor, entrepreneur or working towards your next role:

Learn to delegate and let go. Instead of micromanaging, develop a microinterest.
Identify the potential breaking points of a project, this will help you to focus on the most critical task.
Venture outside your country or city to learn what you do not already know.
Give your audience, be it one person or many, your undivided attention [...]

Lessons Learned: Tom Ford’s Parallel Career as Designer & Director

Lessons Learned: Tom Ford’s Parallel Career as Designer & Director

Stories about people doing things they have never done before, always inspire me. Yesterday on Oprah, Tom Ford talked about his directorial debut, A Single Man. When Ford left Gucci, he realized the material side of the world had pulled him away from his spiritual side. Reading A Single Man for a second time, Ford was moved by the emphasis on the importance of living in the moment, connections we have with other people and reminders of what is important in life. When asked, how he knew, he could direct, Ford shared great advice that can help you do something you have always wanted to:

If you want to do it, [...]

Is Your Expert Status Preventing You From Moving Forward?

One of the challenges some leaders face during career and entrepreneurial transitions, is the fact that they will have to start all over again and lose their expert status. The fallacy of expert status goes hand in hand with a limited view of the possibilities in front of you as well avoiding action completely. Adopting a beginner’s mindset when you are in transition, introduces many possibilities that can help you think through dilemmas; such as how to repackage your wealth of experience, skills and unique perspective or invest your energy doing something worthwhile that you truly enjoy.
During coaching conversations with clients, we focus on what will it take, to get [...]

Take the sting out of the painful process of reinvention: 5 ways to take 1 step towards change

Opening quote from Grey’s Anatomy: “The surgical scalpel is made of steel, sterilized, carbonized stainless steel. This is a vast improvement over the first scalpel, which was pretty much a sharp stick. Medicine is constantly reinventing itself. That means surgeons have to keep reinventing themselves, too. There is constant pressure to adapt to changes. It can be a painful process. But without it, you’ll find yourself moving backwards instead of forwards.”
Reinventing yourself, finding a new job because you either choose or are forced too; committing to the idea of work that you truly enjoy or managing a new team or project, is hard work and yes often times painful. Hard [...]