Tweets & Snippets: O Magazine’s Live Your Best Life Weekend

Here is a round up of my tweets and  snippets from the Live Your Best Life Weekend in celebration of the tenth anniversary of O Magazine.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray & Love and Committed, shared:

Create Your Own Path: “Our lives are journeys that no one can take for us. Gather clues to figure out your own path.”

Find Role Models: “Look to how others are solving problems similar to yours.”

Do Yourself No Harm on Your Aspirational Path: “My head is a neighborhood you would not want to walk in by yourself. Be kind to yourself.” Your life begins when you drop the knife you hold to your own neck. Put it down!

Personal finance whiz, Suze Orman shared the following nuggets:

Define Your Value: “When you under value what you do, the world under values who you are.”

When it Comes to Money be Slow to Forget: Don’t forget the lessons of 2008 & 2009, by bringing bad money habits back in seemingly good times.

Martha Beck, life coach extraordinaire shared: “If you want to know the road to your best life right now, look down at your feet now” and the 10 roads to your best life:

Path 1: Become still. Magic begins with wordlessness.

Path 2: The path of truth. What is happening around you? What is happening within you? What part is not working?

Path 3: The path of yearning or desire. What do you want? Get still & ask what do you yearn for? You are meant to have what you yearn for.

Path 4: Be creative.

Path 5: Risk – do something that scares you every day that leads to your hearts desire.

Path 6: Is the path of treats. Braving your demons deserves a special treat!

Path 7: Path of play. Play more every single day. Work should not feel like work, it should feel like play.

Path 8: The path of rest. Stop and intentionally give yourself rest as a gift.

Path 9: Path of laughter will take you to the right road.

Path 10: The path of gratitude. List 5 things you are grateful for.

Pick one or two that work for you and follow the path!

My three big takeways:

  1. “You must fill your cup first so that your cup will over flow and reach others” – Oprah. Each of us have many responsibilities and commitments to our family, friends, work colleagues, clients and community to name a few, I realized that we have to make ourselves a priority too. Filling your cup means you are better equipped to give of yourself without giving up on yourself.
  2. Following the paths of stillness, rest and creativity, gives way to reflective and creative moments. This belief is reinforced through my work, when clients return from a vacation or sabbatical, they ooze a renewed perspective, certain edginess and stronger commitment to take bolder steps.
  3. “If you have trouble seeing life as a journey, you are more likely to see it as a series of final exams that happen every single day, that count for your entire grade.” – Elizabeth Gilbert.  The fear of failure and painful outcomes stops us from making transformational changes. I realize that I live my best life every day encouraging people to take action, consider and try alternative paths and solutions; and pick up the pieces to continue on or divert their journey.

I hope you enjoyed the round up of my tweets, I had so much fun last weekend. I try to tweet regularly primarily about all things related to career transition, career reinvention and leadership practices.  You can find me on twitter at:

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