Lessons Learned: Dr Tachi Yamada on Managing Yourself and Others

How do you turn a battleship? You turn a battleship by making a directional commitment and staying the course, not wavering from it- Dr. Tachi Yamada

In a recent interview on NYT’s Corner Office series, Dr. Tachi Yamada’s advice, which apply whether you are a manager, individual contributor, entrepreneur or working towards your next role:

  • Learn to delegate and let go. Instead of micromanaging, develop a microinterest.
  • Identify the potential breaking points of a project, this will help you to focus on the most critical task.
  • Venture outside your country or city to learn what you do not already know.
  • Give your audience, be it one person or many, your undivided attention – make them feel like nobody else in the world matters.
  • Rather than shooting suggestions down, offer ideas from the perspective of “How can I make this better?”
  • When you manage an established team, ask “What makes them great?” and “How can I help them to improve slightly?” Then focus your energy on helping your team to develop in one to two areas.
  • Surround yourself with people who are willing to embrace change.

As you prepare for your next move or promotion, think about specific examples you can share to demonstrate your:

  • Willingness to embrace change.
  • Values and how they influence the way you work.
  • Ability to get stuff done independently and with others.

If you are figuring out what you really want to do:

  • Find out what interests you, to help you to evaluate your options as well as zero in on clues that will you move closer to pursuing your interests.
  • Be open to new and fresh challenges, Yamada advises new challenges every 5 to 7 years, if you are reinventing yourself, consider pursuing challenges every 18 – 24 months until you find the career combination that works for you.

Have a good weekend, and “see” you next week!

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