Part 2: Reinventing Your Career is Innovation on a Personal Level

In part 1, I shared several tactics to help you gain the necessary insights or information to refine your career vision. Part 2 expands on test and learn experiments; and focuses on visioning, revamping your story and executing your vision.

3. In [Read more]

Part 1: Reinventing Your Career is Innovation on a Personal Level

I spent fifteen years creating innovative solutions, processes, customer experiences and business models for global companies. I really enjoyed what I did, in that I got to create idea, bring those ideas to life and then sell the vision to people who said they wanted change but were not really ready to accept or initiate the change required. Switching industries,... [Read more]

Lessons Learned: Ursula Burns’ Path to CEO

Courtesy of Xerox CorporationAt the Most Powerful Women Summit,  when asked how she would tag herself, Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, responded the “Groomed CEO”. With roughly 28 years of experience... [Read more]

Lessons Learned from Anne Mulcahy: Managing a Seamless Transition

One of the dilemmas some of my clients and readers face is letting go and moving forward. Whether it is a project that went awry, a negative performance review, the experience of working with a mismatched... [Read more]